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Precious metal prices are subject to market fluctuations. There are many factors that go into the value of gold and silver including market forces of supply and demand and availability. While prices are generally stable, occasionally there are wild fluctuations that can affect the pricing of my jewelry.


BRACELETS. I make both cuffs and links. Cuffs can be gently opened and closed. Links usually have a connection that assures that it will stay on during use.

BROOCHES. A brooch is a fancy work for a pin one can wear on a sweater, scarf, blouse, coat or hair band. The piece has one or two stainless steel wires on the back for fastening. I use two wires when I use a large stone on the front so that the pin stays upright.

EARRINGS. I specialize in dangle earrings, which I make myself by hand (with tools!). The ear wires vary. Many are round, some are square or rectangular. Some are longer than others. Since I make them myself, I can easily custom-make them for your needs.

I also have some posts. I looked around a long time for earnuts I trusted and liked. They are sterling with a silicone cover which is both attractive and stable. Just twist them on and off. Almost any earring can be made into one that uses sterling clips for those with no holes in the ears.

Many of my earrings can be made with different semi-precious stones. If you find one you like, but want a different color, check with me.

If you lose one earring and want a replacement, I find that I struggle to create an exact duplicate. But I will create a new pair for you, very much like your originals, for half the price you paid for the first pair.

NECKLACES. I usually make full necklaces, not just pendants, but I would be happy to do either if you want. For full necklaces, I think as much about the neck part as I do a pendant. I buy some of the sterling chains I use in bulk and personalize them with my own endings. On more expensive necklaces, I design and make my own neck piece.

COLORS. Different computer screens, operating systems, and even different web browsers have different color characteristics, so it’s just about impossible to get a given color to look the same on every screen.

CLEANING. Sterling is my metal of choice, mostly without oxidizing it to a darker color. The little bit of copper within the sterling does interact with oxygen in the air and darkens or adds a patina to the piece. Some people really like that greyish, worn look. For those who want to keep the bright look, keep the piece in a sealed plastic bag is the best approach. If you want to polish the piece a bit brighter, there are several options. First, use a “sunshine” cloth to rub off the oxidization (available at jewelry stores or online). I can send some samples if you want. Soap and water will help. If you can get your sterling pieces to me, I will tumble them in a soap/water solution with a stainless steel shot mix free. I don’t like dips. For cleaning copper, I use very fine steel wool.


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